Flashy Me, A Public “Wreck”



Lessons Learned, Promoting Your Own Victory

How do you define success? Is it with money? Power? Material things? Public Perception? Maybe it is simply based on where you started as a kid and where you are now. A few years ago, I would have defined success as material things, Flashy cars, designer clothes, Multiple companies… the list went on and on. There was something missing from my list, which was God. I attributed all my success to luck, hard work, and a lot of me.
Yes, I thought I had it really going on, in fact you couldn’t tell me nothing. I was an unstoppable, woman who was leading in my profession of Marketing and Public Relations, or so I thought. Then suddenly the Holy Spirit told me to GO, leave my hometown and start a new life in a whole different state. Not only was I led to GO but when I left I had a life changing wreck, I was hit by a semi-truck with no seatbelt on and not to mention not one airbag deployed in a brand new car. I was driving, on the phone, eating, and I was headed to a business meeting that I had no business going to, and further into the story you’ll learn why I should not have been going to a meeting.

My Lexus was totaled, the entire front end of my car was on the ground, and glass from my windshield was everywhere. My life flashed in front of me! This was the moment that I realized that God had a purpose for my life, and I had to learn that my purpose did not start with focusing on my own self-centered desires. Everything I had done up to that moment was no more than a lesson from God, and it was God’s hand that helped me walk away from that horrible accident without even a scratch. This was my ‘Go moment’.

We must understand that positions of power in life come with great responsibility. We must prove our ability to not only run these positions, but do so from a place of Godly growth. I would not be honest with you if I told you that I was not God’s finest creature walking the planet a few years ago; I had all the appearances of success, but I was very empty on the inside. There  was a void there, I could not understand what I was missing, but I was missing something and it was something that money could not buy.

I was not living a Godly life, I wasn’t paying my tithes all the time, I wasn’t praying the way that I should have been; you could not tell me anything. I was constantly spending money on materialistic things, and to be completely honest, at one point in my life, I wasn’t even paying my taxes. Looking back at myself, I was blind, spiritually dead, and lost. The journey has been rough, but so rewarding.

I always knew that God created me for something much bigger. Thanks to my business failures that I learned early on in life when I failed many times, I never gave up. I just kept on going until I finally learned how to turn my failures into success. I thank God now for all my past failures, I realize now that they were all part of my journey. Most people could tell there was something more than a beautiful smile happening with me. The accident that changed my life was my rebirth, my new life, a fresh start, a way for God to really lead and guide me, giving me a life of peace, happiness, and joy. A life full of blessings, freedom, and abundance. The other women in this book didn’t experience a wreck, but they did have powerful ‘Go moments’ of their own; words of the Spirit of God reaching into their soul and changing their lives in a moment.

When God Says Go is the ultimate blueprint to help you overcome obstacles and stumbling blocks that have kept you from reaching your fullest potential. Your Destiny is waiting for you! Let go of everything and trust God. Are you ready to listen to the voice of God when he tells you to Go? I encourage you to embrace this journey; we aren’t truly living until we’ve found our true purpose in life.