The Promise of Purpose


“The two most important days in life are the day you born and the day you discover the reason why.” – Mark Twain

“Making known to us the mystery (secret) of His will (of His plan, of His purpose). [And it is this:] In accordance with His good pleasure (His merciful intention) which He had previously purposed and set forth in Him, [He planned] for the maturity of the times and the climax of the ages to unify all things and head them up and consummate  them in Christ, [both] things in heaven and things on the Earth.” (Ephesians 1:9-10 NIV)



God’s purpose is not defined by what we do,

but first determined by whose we are.

Purpose is explained as the “fixed intention” of a thing or person ( God has a specific reason for creating mankind.  We know in Genesis that He created man and gave Him dominion over the Earth. He gave man free will and man chose the tree of knowledge to satisfy his prideful urges, and suffered the hardships of sin that negatively impacted


the Earth. We know that God put into place a redemptive plan for man through His son Jesus, to call everyone back to Him and away from sinful things of the world.

His plan has always been to call us to Him through salvation. He saves us so that His kingdom will be glorified.      We   walk   in   a   priestly   and  kingly inheritance and legacy, much like Melchizedek who was the King of Salem and priest of God Most High. When Abraham returned from defeating the enemy kings, Melchizedek blessed Him and Abraham gave him a tenth of everything (Genesis 14).

That priesthood was under an old covenant, that required priests to make sacrifices daily on behalf of the sins of the people; God changed that  old law when He appointed Jesus as our High Priest, who represented one sacrifice for all of the sins of mankind; that is right, all.                          We have a new covenant  blessing under a better priesthood, because Jesus had no sin. And today, we have the authority in the name of Jesus, to legislate blessings, peace, healing and deliverance.    We are allowed to declare the    kingly decrees of the Word, because we have inherited this position of ambassadors of Christ on Earth and in heaven (Psalms 2:7; Psalms 110:4; Hebrews 7:21).

Ephesians 1 is so helpful in pointing out God’s plan for us and the very special gift through His son  Jesus


  • a High Priest who can identify with our needs. The most important thing we need to know about God’s purpose is that it is determined by whose we are in Christ and then defined by what we do as His promises (the Word) are directly connected to His purpose and assure us that we are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). Then our renewed  thoughts in Christ give us our sense of purpose for being and give us the direction in which we chart the course for our lives as we grow in Christ (Ephesians 3:10-11). A further realization of God’s purpose within us is the outward demonstration of love and joy that are the fruit of God’s spirit that bring what is happening inside of us, out to share with others (Galatians 5:22).    All of this involves a process of God revealing His purpose in us by faith, by us believing that God will change us if we develop a relationship of love and obedience with and in Him to allow the transformation to take place (Hebrews 11:3).

The scripture of Ephesians 1 opens with Paul, as a veteran of the faith, having been a Christian for about 30 years at this point. He is writing from prison to the Ephesian people and opens his letter by giving praise and thanksgiving to God for the many benefits that they get to enjoy with Jesus. Benefits that begin with His plan of salvation that gives us access to other spiritual blessings that affect our spiritual walk on Earth.    Paul is in prison rejoicing – wow!      As God’s


adopted children, we receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the power to do God’s will, and we receive the added benefit of having hope beyond the current circumstances of the world, because we get to live with Christ in heaven forever! The Holy Spirit is our gift that we can receive anywhere and is the evidence that we belong to God.  His guarantee that God  will do what He has promised. Through the Holy Spirit, a transformation begins in us – the change that happens in us is a glimmer of what we will experience in eternity.  We  cannot  experience  God’s plan without the power of the Holy Spirit who is the demonstration of our faith.

As mentioned earlier, our salvation is the first step towards accessing our purpose through God; and His plan is tied to His promises, and all of God’s plans are for His glory!

Later in this chapter, we will see God desires for us to receive His plan and He intentionally shares just what we need now, in stages. Those  are  the  kairos (God’s appointed seasons or opportunities) and chronos (linear, quantitative moments of time) moments of our lives, and the rest will be revealed later as God has predetermined.  God created   time in Genesis but He also operates outside of time as we understand time in hours, minutes, seconds, days, weeks and years. He transcends time and His sovereignty is such that we do not have to fear what is


going to become of our future because God also took care of that as well. He authored life and eternity and the Bible reminds us that mankind has a victorious outcome.

God designed His plan so perfectly that it is rooted in heavenly things that are also connected to Earthly things. We are guaranteed that  God  will  reveal those details to us, when we align ourselves to Him completely; when we unify ourselves to Christ, that plan comes from the spirit realm into the physical realm. There are some questions God  will  not answer for us here on Earth, but we will get full revelation in heaven. That is an expression of God’s sovereignty and our part to trust Him with bigger perspective when we cannot understand.

Ephesians 1 also reminds us that this is a picture of a committed relationship with Jesus that does not lack anything. It is a process of maturing  our  faith in Christ daily as we seek greater intimacy with Him by living in such a manner that His grace is magnified in us.

His promises reveal what His specific plan is for your best life. While His promises never change, they are made alive within you when you read them and prayerfully apply them to your life. God uses your unique gifts and talents to help activate you and  give


you a desire to move you in the direction He wants you to go.

The Proverbs 31 woman found her gifts and direction through Christ.   The scripture asks the question, can a virtuous woman be found and the answer is absolutely, yes! We meet a woman who is made strong in every area of her life through her grace, determination, wisdom, discernment and reverence for God. She stayed true to His promises in her circumstances.

This portion of scripture shows us a woman full of God’s purpose.  She was  considered a  noble wife; her husband honored her in private and public. Her virtues were great and possible  with  God’s  help. She had many roles and responsibilities including wife, mother, business woman, as well as being active in charity. Her life encourages  us  that as many responsibilities that we may have, God will keep us where He takes us, if we keep him first in our lives. He showed her to have many things going on at once and she did not suffer or lack because God was her source. Working moms and wives  can  know that there is hope in Christ for all  that  concerns them. She was described as a “good woman” and this is distinguished by her love for God and obedience to His leading. As enterprising as she was, her priority was providing excellent stewardship in the home first.


She practiced the virtuous principles while serving God and He made her way prosperous.

God called her and then qualified her (Romans 8:30). She answered the call and this is important to point out.               Many of us are faced with many priorities  that we have to handle, but we do not answer when God calls to show us how to handle them.   This was not a woman who was in a  palace.   She was industrious, and worked hard; she persevered and reaped many blessings in her life. She did her part to finish her race. She     was     not        about        to       quit    in          the     face of         her circumstances; she set about her business with focus while trusting to God to do the rest.

Who is in driver’s seat of your destiny?

What we believe drives what we think, say and do. It is outlined in the Bible that God gave us a choice whether to follow Him and, if we choose Him, we also choose to obey His promises that He outlined for believers.  Before the creation of the world, God  set in place a plan for every person to have access to Him and receive generational blessings if we choose to follow Him (Genesis22:18).  Take stock right  now of who is in the driver’s seat of your destiny; it is either the world or God. How will you know which is dominating? Whatever you spend most of your time and focus on is driving your life.


Some people plan their lives around sports or carnival seasons; some people plan their lives around their child’s schedule; some people follow numerology and will only make big decisions about marriage or buying a home if the numbers related to birth dates and current year dates “line up”. While others love God with conditions; they have a lukewarm faith. They go to church on Sunday, Bible study on Wednesday and prayer on Friday, but the rest of their lives is committed to whatever their flesh wants. These examples are not exaggerated, because I have friends who share with me that they are quite happy to pursue their lives this way.

It matters who or what is steering your thoughts, habits and practices. The journey affects the destination. If you have no time for God then you separate yourself from lasting protection, provision and hope.

I was part of the lukewarm church at one point in my life; my desire for partying and pursuing other priorities consumed my time and took me away from focusing on God. Over time, I  realized  that  the things I craved still left me craving more.   I knew then I had to make a decision once and for all to live for Christ. In time, I found my  passion  for  God and made Him my priority and He was gracious to take me back. As I reflected on my life back then, I saw that I put  conditions  on  God  to  satisfy  my  desires  and I


thought that was a life of freedom. The difference is that when I became born again in Christ, I realized that “conditions” reflect a life of bondage and when I gave Him my life without conditions, I found true freedom in His unconditional love and grace, and turned my life around.    He will do the same for you.

Purpose is connected to others.

Finding purpose is always connected to influencing someone else, and it is a process; in fact, it will be a costly journey of sacrifice, but God promised He will not leave us if we believe His Word. He requires that we trust Him in the process. Do not miss that; if you miss that you miss the whole thing. God requires that we trust Him. Going through the challenges with Jesus brings maturity and builds faith, and far outweighs going through life without Him; the world has a poor substitute to offer. This takes us back to the quote at the beginning of this chapter which is so important, because there is nothing more powerful and special than realizing why we were put on this Earth.

When I think of people who seemed to have fulfilled their God given purpose, the names of a few great people come to mind like President Abraham Lincoln, who led the United States through its Civil War, preserved the state of Union and was instrumental in abolishing slavery (    His  religious


faith served as the foundation for many of his political decisions and sentiment;  he  did  not  hide  his faith. In fact, today many politicians, world leaders and Fortune 500 CEOs use quotes from his speeches.

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. secured his place in history for his fearless role in advancing the African-American Civil Rights Movement, using non-violence and his Christian beliefs (www.the He used peaceful demonstration to rally a nation to hope for better by believing together and his method continues today as it was securely, powerfully and prayerfully woven through generation after generation to create a lasting legacy.

Rev Billy Graham, an American evangelical Christian evangelist, led millions to Christ spanning the several decades of his powerful, anointed ministry . His ministry birthed an evangelical movement that is survived through his son and family (

Corrie Ten Boom, a Dutch Christian, risked her life to help hundreds of Jews escape the Nazi holocaust during World War II. A modest woman in a terrifying time of history took a step of faith, trusting God to do the rest and she saved the lives of many families (                                                One     ordinary     person influenced generations in  an extraordinary way    and


she is still an inspiration for millions today of hope and God’s power to deliver.

Their legacies are testimonies to the power of what one person can accomplish when submitted to God. They all persevered, but they made many sacrifices along the way.  It cost them much to follow   Christ, but they gained so much more as well.

We do not have to compete or compare with each other when it comes to what we are called to do in our various spheres of influence; you are needed by God to carry out an assignment that I could not perform. God will give to each of us the grace we need to push through to finish (2 Timothy 4:7; Acts 20:24).

Remember that God’s purpose is about completing that which He already started when He created us. When we are obedient to His will, He will complete the plan He started in us (Philippians 1:6). In  the process, He will use us to touch the lives of others. There is a ripple effect that happens when you allow God to work through you whether your name is recorded in the anals of world history for all to see or mentioned in your local church or staff-meeting – your part matters to Jesus. There is teenage boy, Gooch, who saw a need after the 2010 devastating earthquake in Haiti, and the look of despair on a little Haitian boy that moved Blare to do something to help. He knew that a teddy-bear comforted him when he


was younger so he mobilized family and friends and school to assist him with a teddy-bear drive. The donations grew to 25,000 teddy-bears and extended to            other                     non-profit   organizations ( God is less concerned your age, your address and about the little bit you have; He is more interested in your  willingness  to surrender the portion you have to Him with the right heart, so that He can use it far something far greater than you could ever imagine.

I can think of family members who are living out their purpose, right now as God  intended.  We  can receive the manifold blessings available to all believers once we allow God full access into our lives.

God gave His children promises for us to follow. Why should we keep them? We should because His promises reflect who He is, His very nature, and show us that we are made in His image. We find out who we are and what we inherit when we read His promises. Equally importantly, we find out who He is and why He calls us. Each promise represents an opportunity to see His plan for creation.  When  we are obedient to His promises, it shows our love and reverence for Him.

Do you know why you are here, why you exist on Earth and do you care? Do you wonder why you were born in the time you were; in the location you


were? Does it matter that you are here or are you just existing until you die? I have to admit that these thoughts occupied my mind as a teen, and well into my twenties, until I came to a place where I truly got a better sense of my purpose through Christ, and I received peace even in the tumultuous moments of my life. In fact, the peace of the world is not the same, as I came to understand that Shalom or peace of God, came through Jesus’s death and resurrection. As a result, we come under a kingdom of peace, through the Prince of Peace, when we receive Him in our hearts first.

The kingdom of peace is not just in heaven; it’s available to you here now!

It is the heavenly blessing of receiving God’s provision, protection and prosperity that we can receive here on Earth. It is an established right from God that we do not have to live in anxiety and hopelessness. As believers we walk  as a peacemaker at home, work and in our community (Matthew 5:9). Peace, like forgiveness, is often misunderstood as being weak when it is a bold and courageous person who can walk with the banner of peace.  A peacemaker through Christ has the power to shift the atmosphere of a room under the anointing of the Holy Spirit (Romans 10:15) and affect significant, positive change.


God’s purpose for our lives is our gift from Him.

kingdom purpose says you are here to advance the kingdom of heaven on Earth through peace, wisdom and prosperity (James 3:17).

You belong to God’s family!

We have citizenship and rights, authority and power through Jesus Christ to abide in peace in the midst of trouble, strife, persecution!  If you have a   tendency to gossip, retaliate and speak your mind, plan vengeance and argue every chance you get, this will be challenging for you but not impossible with God. The benefits of a life that is ordered by Shalom or God’s peace reaps benefits that deliver you from self-control and vexing ways and change you to walk in unity without being a victim or bully.






The Transaction of Purpose

The transaction of purpose is of high value and must be entered into with the right heart.  The  world system conducts business via trading commodities through the use of some type of cash currency predominantly.    Walking out your purpose with  God


involves carrying out a spiritual transaction; our act of salvation by faith and believing in God’s promises allows God to operate in our lives. The manner in which we exercise our faith matters because it acts like the currency through which we receive spiritual blessings. Moving by faith is critical to the power of the kingdom of God moving.

Where we come from matters; as Christians, we have access to God in heaven that non-believers do not have. When we are busy about God’s plan, as we interact with people every day, our light should shine in such a way that sets us apart from others.

How we speak matters; as Christians, we are furnished with a manual, a guide that provides us with everything we need to speak and pray for evangelism, healing and deliverance. Job was a prosperous man who loved God and was faithful to Him. God allowed Satan to bring suffering on him. Satan was  certain that once he brought destruction to every area of Job’s life that Job would run away from God – he brought pain to his body, killed his children and destroyed all of his possessions. Even Job’s wife wanted him to throw away his identity and curse God.

While Job had moments of despair and doubt, pride and anger, he did not lose faith in God – God preserved his spirit when all things in the natural were being consumed by death.     God made  it clear   that


Job was a good man. His friends knew he was a good man as well; yet they made false assumptions because they felt like his suffering was because of sin in some area of his life. Job did not believe their words, but trusted that God would deliver him; Earth had rendered him guilty but Job continued to look to God in heaven for his redemption (Job 16:18-21).

He knew God and His power; so he never let go of what prayer could accomplish. God was not part of orchestrating an evil unfolding of this man’s life – to be a spectator of satan’s evil.  God was going to  bring His glory and show satan who was really in control.

God never left Job’s side and God was faithful to show His power by restoring Job’s health; and made his later years even more prosperous with many possessions (Job 42:12). In all that Job could not understand about God, he stood on what he knew, and that was exalting God’s power and presence in the time that he was at his weakest and could not see. It was then that he sought strength and revelation in God. Job repented, not from outward sin, but from inwardly doubting God’s  sovereignty.  God  is just and set the standard of fairness and righteousness, and established the divine protection of Job’s life so that His name would be magnified and glorified as victor over any plans of the enemy!


How we give and spend money matters. Walking in God’s purpose makes us mindful of being good stewards of our finances. We understand that God is a generous giver (James 1:5).  He first blessed  us and we reciprocate by blessing Him and others. As such, we should value tithing and giving as our way of returning to God what is already His. When we understand the principle of giving cheerfully, we realize that are so blessed by God that we desire to give abundantly with wisdom and not based on compulsion. We do not give to get but we understand that God first gave His son to us as a gift of redemption and He gives a harvest to His children who sow into the . It also builds our faith and is an additional investment that allows us to store treasures for ourselves in heaven – a great heavenly return on our Earthly investment!  In  God’s  hands, your spiritual blessings and material wealth multiply!

How we love matters. Whatever we treasure is where our hearts will be focused – including God, spouse, children, family, ministry, community, money, possessions. The order of what we love is important for determining priorities.

How we live matters; we cannot adopt the ways of the world otherwise our Christian witness will be ineffective. We will not be salt and light around others.


Who we listen to and who we watch matters. If the first thing we turn on in the morning is news, then that is the thing upon which we focus. If you consistently “follow” particular TV talk-show hosts, athletes or reality celebrities on social media, then that is another area that could dominate your perspective. That is why it is important as God’s children to renew our minds daily to the mind of Christ first, to walk in His purpose.

What we learn about God is important; reading and understanding the whole Word prepares you for the kingdom perspective. It is a personal endeavor, and Christian TV programs and books cannot be a substitute for reading the Word  yourself.  But you have to put in the time the same way you do for the other things that occupy your time.

It is all about relationship; God’s plan for us is not random. Before  we  were  born,  He considered every detail about us. We get closer to God through consistently spending time in prayer. Prayer is our most precious and valuable way through which we communicate with God.

God’s purpose is expressed through love

The best measure of someone’s spiritual authenticity is found in how they express agape love; showing compassion to others, not religious knowledge.


God has a purpose for each of us because He loves us. He loved us before we loved Him. We see an expression of God’s love in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 Paul opens the chapter by saying:

“And now I will show you a most excellent  way.” What “excellent way” was Paul referring? You  see the commandments or the law was put in place by God to show us that we could never keep them on our own and He sent Jesus and the miracle of the resurrection as His plan to save us. His  redemption for all of our sins is the more excellent example of love; so that all we have to do is receive Him and receive His forgiveness to become like Him.

Then Paul went on to say:

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not boast; it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered; it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes; always perseveres.”

This is the agape love God possesses and this is how He feels for those who come to Him.  He  destroyed the power of sin and death over our lives with His love; that is the most precious gift that we could ever receive from God if we choose to obtain it.


The describes other spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit available to us but the greatest of these is love. It is part of God’s nature.

All of the spiritual gifts are available to us as Paul, the Apostle, describes in the previous chapter of 1 Corinthians 12. He also goes on in chapter 13  to show how that love works as God intended for the body of Christ.

The people of Corinth were misusing their spiritual gifts and that was never the plan of God. One way to improve where you are concerning your personal expression of love is through prayer and reading this scripture again. Wherever the word “love” appears, put your name. It is amazing what positive things happen in your perception about how God sees you when you speak His Word into your life! Be encouraged that we are daily maturing in Christ.

Accountability is the state of being answerable, requiring trust – Being responsible to someone or for some action. (

To accept Christ into your life as Lord and Savior means two things: that you have given God permission to lead you and save you by His grace. This step of obedience makes you a disciple. The evidence of Christian discipleship is obedience to . Jesus said in John 8:31 “If you hold to my teaching, you  are  really  my  disciples.”      Being  accountable


involves trusting God, which adds another level to the relationship with God. We begin to pursue God as much as He pursues us.

My struggle is not with drugs or alcohol or depression. My struggle is that I take risks that others might not. I blaze trails that leave others around me either rolling their eyes or saying things like “Are you sure?”

Their caution is understandable on some level, because I have failed at some things that I tried before, but that does not make me a failure. I have also accomplished many things that I have attempted. In fact, I have excelled at them and surprised myself and others. One of the most important things to consider as you take steps towards your purpose is to factor in a level of risk-taking. You cannot move  to the next level in your spiritual life without taking some risks.

Faith is the unknown and believers are called to walk by faith; so we have to develop courage to embark upon those things that may scare us but will also bring us closer to God’s purpose for us. If you remain afraid of the unknown, you will stay stuck. In fact, if you stay afraid you will be outside of God’s will because God is not the instrument of fear.

There is a healthy measure of risk that has to be factored into walking in God’s purpose.  When  you are called out of your comfort zone, there are times


you will be called to do things that you have never done before. You cannot let  that  stop  you.  You need people around you who can give you honest feedback and encouragement in the “palace” and “pit” moments of your life. You can learn a lot about yourself in the “palace” moments when things are going great. You have to watch for the pride that can creep in and rob you of giving God the glory for your blessings. On the flip side, the “pit” can cause condemnation and depression to get a foothold and get you off-track from being all that God has called you to be.

I learned a lot about myself in my “pit” moments – enough to value the importance of accountability and having close family and friends in my life that I gave permission to come in and “call me higher” on some stuff. You need someone to see the ‘blind-spots’ in your life; someone who will say stop that, watch that, check that, as well as to say go, take on the challenge, you can do it!

Accountability can be a great friend to risk-taking.

The Trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit) is God’s perfect example of accountability with Jesus and the Holy Spirit fulfilling their roles to be subject to God and to serve humanity, but extending grace that covers and consequences if mankind goes against the purpose of


the Godhead. The body of Christ also has the mandate to be good stewards of the faith by their examples as followers. A Christian that is not being held accountable is not following God’s plan for good spiritual covering and protection.

The Bible reflects many great examples of people who had others in their lives to hold  them accountable – Moses and Joshua; David had Nathan, Elijah, and Elisha, Esther, and Mordecai, Ruth and Naomi; Paul and Timothy. Being accountable is a responsibility to be valued and requires  temperance to share a concern about a friend that you know will be painful for that person to hear but also necessary that they understand it in love without you walking in fear.

As you mature in your walk with Christ, there are some people that you cannot share your failings and dreams. That is where you need discernment because everyone cannot go with you to your next level. That does not mean you indiscriminately end relationships, but that you prayerfully consider who you can and cannot share your dreams with because everyone will not understand.

When we truly receive and embrace the precious boundary that accountability can be in our lives, we will be able to use it to our advantage to encourage others.


We are also accountable to God for our actions. The strict definition of above said that the person  might not own the possession, but they are responsible for its safekeeping.

As Christians, it is even more than that. In the case of our faith, it is up to us to make sure that we uphold the principles of our faith and pass them on to others.

Because God gave us free will, it thickens the plot; it means that there is a battle going on inside of us between self and pride – being submitted to God versus the fleshly desires of doing what we want to do. It is the wrestle between flesh and spirit; we have two natures residing in us.                     To walk as spiritual beings, we have to invite the Holy Spirit to perform on our behalf because our flesh  constantly  battles against our spiritual desires.        This  process of sanctification will take time; being born again is described as the wind. We cannot see it but we know it works because we know what it does (John 3:8).

One of the best protective measures you can have in your life is an accountability person who will not be afraid to call you higher. Accountability can be the safety-net to prevent a prideful conscience from wreaking destruction in one’s life.

If you do not allow the right people in your life to hold you accountable, you will forfeit greater responsibility and  blessings  in  the  long  run.       Discernment and


sound judgment are sound characteristics that bring great value to being responsible. Discernment is the ability to make right choices, and God can give that to you, but sound judgment goes further than that and involves true discipline to do what God says (Proverbs 3:21-24). Solomon received great wisdom from his father David, and it served him well because he was considered one of the wisest men that ever lived (1 Chronicles 28,29; 1Kings 4:29-34).

He grew in wisdom. In other words, understanding was added to him as he matured and sought after it. In addition to his father teaching him, he asked God for wisdom over riches and God gave him both (1 Kings 3:10-15). We need sound judgment to follow God’s ways. Without it, we become our rulers, comfortable with the sounds of our  voices and choices – unwilling to heed instruction and correction from those around us and ultimately from God.

Adults can throw tantrums, believe it or not; that can look like loud, immature screaming fits that we see some toddlers throw or they may look like grown people being obstinate and stubborn, creating toxic, volatile battlegrounds in our homes, workplaces and even our churches.  Those individuals who do  not see anything wrong with themselves are unable to own any part of the responsibility in conflict, and they blame everything on everyone else.


Withholding in the relationship dynamic is very common in this instance; like the popular silent treatment; withholding affection or sex; even withholding the return of an item to a family member or friend. We can also hold back on  tithing and giving. A disgruntled or stubborn co-worker can also sow seeds of discord or conflict within the team – by being absent or being contrary to every idea or suggestion.

Interestingly, this is the type of person who is so dissatisfied but will not leave and will not work towards resolve. It is the individual’s way of wielding power to punish others. It is selfish and creates a divide, not resolution. It also shows pride and is a destructive blind-spot, because it starves love and feeds punishment to those around them.  But  any root of bitterness can be repaired with God’s help. Your measure of maturing is whether you can make it beyond these awkward moments that will ultimately bring you the right combination of compassion and strength you need. Giving your bitterness to God will bring deliverance over your pain. You may not feel grateful now but you will thank God later.

Part of being accountable requires being responsible to others; it is humbling. There are elements of pruning, refining, cleansing, and purifying that make up part of this process to purpose.  Important to note is that God’s correction comes from a place of love


and, likewise, we should also call our loved ones higher from a place of love, not control or manipulation, but guiding us as a father would whose child needs boundaries set when he goes outside to play. Playing indoors does not have the same obstacles or challenges as playing outdoors. A responsible parent teaches the child and enforces consequences.

If we each did what we wanted when we felt like, that would be anarchy – strong word but it fits. Imagine a nation without adequate systems in place whether social, political leadership or governmental systems; some of you right now could picture a couple of countries that exist like that today – a life of tension and chaos.   Just a little reminder that just as there is a of Heaven ruled by God, there is also  a  of darkness ruled by satan. Do not be confused; the adversary also rules with order in his , via principalities whose intent is bent on the strategic destruction of man. The enemy is cunning, and calculated, and dispatches angels of darkness in a precise manner.

I mentioned that God’s operates using a  set  of values for successful spiritual transactions to take place on Earth; that move us into God’s plan if we follow them; accountability is one of  those values. We have learned that God has an orderly form of government that operates  from  a  position  of victory.


Our obedience advances the kingdom . God is sovereign!  He is the ruler of Heaven and Earth with all authority and power (Isaiah 9:6-7). He legislates His rule through Jesus and the angels of heaven; the constitution is the Bible and He alone administers grace and justice. God is the higher power and bears the burden of providing us with protection, defense, and peace from the time of creation through all eternity; and His followers submit to His authority in reverence (Psalms 55:22; Psalms 68:19; 1 Peter 5:7). When we believe in the of God, we are delivered from the of darkness (Colossians 1:13-14)  and satan’s plans become powerless against us.

Grapevines are vigorous growers that  can bear fruit up to 30 years with the right pruning. There is that word again. For the farmer to have a  bountiful harvest that flourishes and bears fruit for a long time, every vine needs a trellis to be trained to grow upwards. You see, vines left by themselves will  fall on the ground and attach to anything, becoming susceptible to disease and die sooner. The farmer has a duty to ensure that the vine does not fall to the ground and die.

The process of accountability is much like that process of caring for the vine that I just  described. The farmer knows the time that the pruning has to take place.    He knows that it is not going to be a


pretty sight initially, but it is necessary, and the benefits will be great later.

He knows that he has to cut back that vine just before the bud starts to grow, and that he will have to remove almost all of the previous season’s growth to ensure a higher quality grape.  He is not intimidated by  the vine and he does not wonder if everything will be okay with the vine; he trusts that he will do his part and, with the right weather conditions, the vine will flourish. Now, he is mindful that adverse conditions like a storm or drought could mean a great setback, but that is not to say that he will give up. He just has to take more excellent care during that time when the vine is in a vulnerable state, but the process still has to continue – resulting in a bountiful  harvest.  The farmer is like that protection you can receive from family and friends who are believers that can hold you accountable to a higher standard that will yield a great harvest in the long run.

As Christians, we have an active role in enacting God’s legislating on Earth; we were made to govern, or have dominion over the Earth, guided by the Holy Spirit.  We have to pray for the revelation of  whose we are in Christ and the rights that are ours as Christians so that we receive wisdom and power through the Holy Spirit to intercede, declare prophetic prayers, conduct spiritual warfare to affect change on Earth.    The covering of Christ is upon us to do    that


work in and through us. A spiritual covering is the equivalent of a burden bearer. Jesus does for  us what we cannot do for ourselves as long as we abide in Him.

Remember this is essential to stepping into your purpose through the promises of God. This is not self-actualization; this is not scheming or reverting to covert methods to get where you want to go, and be what you want to be. Remember, God has a unique plan and purpose for every one of us and we are connected to His promises to accomplish those plans. He accomplishes his plan by planting that  desire in our hearts before we are born. Once we come to Christ and receive him as Lord, He will transform us.

The spiritual covering of our loving Father

Many years ago, while I was in New York City I had two experiences that assured me that I have heavenly angels protecting me. On one occasion, I was boarding a bus, and I was going up the stairs to pay my fare when all of a sudden the bus driver yelled at me to hurry. I could see him looking behind me, and then he looked right at me in a panicked state; the look in his eyes told me that something was wrong. I did not know it at the time, but a man was lunging at me from behind; his arms were inches from my neck. The driver was able to get the door closed and drive away in time.    The driver was able to see the danger


and had the presence of mind to tell me to move; I was also obedient to respond quickly to his instruction. I could have ignored him and given him attitude, but I sensed  something  more  was   going   on.     I  was wearing a gold necklace and could only surmise that the man lunging at my neck was trying to steal it.

There was another time while walking along a crowded street; I was making my way to a university orientation meeting with directions in hand, trying to get my bearings in a new area.  I  was  making enough time to get to my location. I was new to the area; so I was constantly checking the street signs and looking at landmarks to make sure I was in the right location while trying not to seem like a tourist. I was passing by a famous landmark skyscraper, the Empire State building and I got distracted – I got distracted!

I am not one to get off my focus, but I took the opportunity to pop into the gift shop to get a souvenir. At that moment my attention was concentrated on all of the items in the store. It was the most unusual experience as I reflected on it because it is so atypical of me to do that especially considering that I was headed to an important meeting. I kept shopping some more, keeping an eye on the time and then purchased my souvenirs, left the store and continued walking.


I was walking for about twenty minutes, making turns, when I started to worry; my destination should have been ten minutes away not twenty. I was lost and immediately lost all joy. As I looked around, I had a moment of panic.  Cell phones were not   available like they are today. I  feel  old  just  saying  that. I stood there for a moment trying to collect my thoughts, and that is when I figured I would make my way back to the Empire State building. That’ is when a man walked up to me dressed in what looked like a “doorman’s” uniform and he said: “You are in the wrong place.    Go back home!” And he walked away.

I felt like I would cry in the middle of the bustle and activity unfolding around  me.  Who  was  that man and what did he know about me being the wrong place? Needless to say, I made my way back to the beloved landmark. I got to the meeting very late and could not even concentrate. God used a stranger to confirm that I was out of position.

On another occasion, during that stay in New York, I was walking to a family member’s residence, when I heard this heavy bass beat music coming from behind me and the sound grew louder as it got closer to me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that it was a vehicle approaching and I thought nothing of it until it was just cruising next  to me.  Then the car  came right beside me, slowly rolling with every step I took. My heart started to race and I picked up my pace.


The driver stopped the car and got out; it was a man in his twenties who just started talking to me. He said “Hi!” and proceeded to let me know that he was going to give me a ride home and when I said ‘no thanks,’ he said he would walk with me until I got home. He said he had been watching me for a while and thought we could be friends. What?!!! I said: “No thanks!” I do not know how I made the walk home but I did. He followed me all the way home; a distance of about a few blocks but it seemed like the longest walk of my life.

While my parents had a different perspective on that idea, they still helped me precipitate that desire. However, that incident followed a string of other unfavorable incidents that confirmed I needed to go back to Barbados.    My pride wanted me to stay there, but God’s purpose had a different   plan. You might say that bad things can happen anywhere, but this was not that. I had to humble myself and discern that God was  talking  to me.             He shut the doors for   me because I would not have shut them on my own and He    took   me        home to     my   ‘open doors’  that He assigned for me.        The covering had lifted for me   in that location in New York. It just was not where God wanted me to be and I had to discern that so that I would cooperate with His plan.    I was doing the right thing in the wrong place and God could not bless that; so He moved me into the right place that He prepared


for me. If I had not come back to Barbados, I  would not have married my husband, Derek and had my son, Nicholas.

Several years ago while gardening, I was mixing pesticides, and the mixture triggered a chemical reaction that immediately affected my breathing. I just could not catch my breath; anyone with  asthma knows what I am referring to.

There is nothing more terrifying that trying to take a breath without success and being alone while that is happening is even more terrifying. But I was not alone; God was with me and gave me calm even as I gasped for air. He gave me the presence of mind to call my husband (my phone was on the patio). It felt like I blinked and he was there. I ended up in the emergency room on a nebulizer for most of the night. The damage I had done to my lungs from inhaling those chemicals was so bad that it deteriorated my lung function’s capability substantially. I was diagnosed with adult asthma as a result of that incident with a prognosis of living on asthma ‘meds’ for the rest of my life.

In a moment my life changed. Those weeks in bed recovering brought me to a deeper level of prayer. I hated being on a regimen  of  medicines.  Also, having asthma changed the way I exercised and traveled  because  I  had  to  make  sure  I  had     my


medication with me at all times, but I did not let the prognosis and regimen control my thoughts. I had asthma, but it did not have me. I knew I was up against principalities (Ephesians 6:10-11) that wanted to thwart my purpose by making me doubt my physical capabilities and bring fear into my life, but I was not about to let those negative thoughts overcome me. I was helpless before God and He strengthened me through that rough time. You see I kept replaying the chronic asthma label as if it were a death sentence. I started to feel defeated  as  I thought about how the sickness would limit my dreams and I had constant negative thoughts. Through prayer and counsel from family, I was able to give my anxieties to God and let Him work out in my life, what I could not do on my own.

I took my negative thoughts captive, prayed for healing and received a phenomenal praise  report from my doctor a couple of years later. My breathing was stronger than ever, Hallelujah! But wait –  what do you do when you pray for a miracle related to health and receive it but the symptoms come back? That happened to me, the symptoms tried to come back worse than ever, but I kept praying (1 Thessalonians 5:17); do not let setbacks hinder you from praying to God. God strengthened me to continue to rebuke the devourer and stir up my faith by keeping my mind stayed on the Holy Spirit and


reminded me of what He could do for me so that I did not become weakened under the pressure of things happening to me. I have not had a severe asthma attack since and I am not afraid of it anymore.

In all of those moments, God showed up for me. While I was about my business, God was about His business in my life and, each time, He delivered me from trouble. I was not fortunate; that term  is reserved for wishful thinking. I had a much greater power working in my defense; I was covered by God because I remained prayerful, and I had praying family in position for me as well.

We are not to focus on our enemy, but we are to be aware we have one and the type of strategies and schemes he uses to devour us and our families. The Apostle Paul teaches us that we are involved in spiritual warfare and we are to take up and put on the whole armor of God as our defensive and offensive protection against evil. Included in that armor of protection is prayer (Ephesians 6:12-19).

God will call you to do some unusual things.

God instructed Noah to prepare for a flood by building an ark in the desert. First of all, a flood in a desert is the first absurd thing Noah had to contend with believing.       Then   the   instruction   was   ridiculous


because Noah was an amateur builder at best and how would he look building this boat with family and friends looking on like he was crazy. God was not interested in his lack of expertise or what other people thought. God was only interested in Noah’s obedience (Genesis 6:13-14). One detail that God added that was very important was that Noah was to “coat it with pitch inside and out”. Why was that little bit so important? Well, even if Noah was a master craftsman, there was no way the joints would have withstood the water without the pitch and the boat would have sunk. God gave the big picture and the details as well and Noah was faithful to carry out the instructions.

God already knows our fears and insecurities and our blind-spots and over-confident tendencies, and yet he calls us knowing that we cannot walk this walk of faith on our own. If we do it ourselves, there are so many holes that we will fall into and collapse under the pressures of the world. He provides the  protection like the pitch, for every circumstance that we will ever face, at every stage of our lives. We just have to be willing to follow Him and, sometimes, that may mean going against the popular vote – the norm or the expected thing, like Noah did.

I remember when I got my first car, in my twenties, with my own money. I felt like I had really accomplished  a  great  milestone  of   independence.


One rainy day, while traveling along a narrow coast road, as I went around a corner, my car skidded into a gutter off the side of the road.  I was not  speeding; yet the car started to move sideways. I was not hurt, but I was in shock. I thought for sure my new car was messed up.  Cars pulled over and the   drivers got out including a bus driver, and about six men lifted the car from the gutter back on to the road. Not a scratch on the car. The men that helped and bystanders said that they could not believe there was no damage to me or my car. I found out later there was an oil spill on the road in that corner. Daily prayers had gone up for my protection; God truly was my divine protection that day, Hallelujah!

The story about Boaz provides an example of God’s covering for Ruth when she and Naomi found themselves in a vulnerable position after they both experienced family tragedy in their hometown (Ruth 1-22). Ruth was her daughter-in-law, but they were now in destitute situation as widows left to fend for themselves in a foreign nation. But God had a  plan for them in the middle of their problem. Ruth did not have to stay with her mother-in-law in those harsh conditions.  In fact, Naomi told her she did not  have to come with her; her other daughter-in-law did not come on the voyage; she chose  another direction. But Ruth’s compassion for her mother-in-law kept her focused;


Ruth began to glean in the fields in this new land, that belonged to Boaz , the wealthy owner of the field. He noticed Ruth and allowed her to continue to glean and left extra for her when she was not looking. He also warned the young men in the field not to touch her; not only that, he allowed her to get water when she was thirsty from the jars the men filled. Ruth remained loyal to Naomi, and she covered Naomi like a loyal handmaiden and dear friend in this new place; as a result, God showed up for Ruth via Boaz, and Boaz blessed her and Naomi by extension.  Boaz took an interest in Ruth and learned about their troubles; she was thankful for his kindness and knew she did not deserve that kind of favor and she extended blessings to him and his family.

She asked him what she did to deserve such favor, to which he said: “I’ve been told what you have done for your mother-in-law since the death of your husband – how you left your father and mother and your homeland and came to live with a people you did not know before. May the Lord repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge” (Ruth 2: 11-12). Boaz became her kinsman-redeemer and her covering. Naomi also continued to look out for Ruth’s best interests – her experience and advice served Ruth well and more importantly  Ruth  listened  to  her.     Ruth  was richly


blessed in her moment of greatest need God provided for her in a most unusual way.

You see, Ruth’s move was really precipitated by Naomi’s difficult situation and when Naomi had moments where she was bitter about her circumstance, through Ruth she regained her hope in God and He redeemed all of them.  Ruth  was Naomi’s faithful and dear friend and the covering that God provided to get her through her trial. Boaz took Ruth to be his wife and their genealogy gave birth to David. God’s purpose was fulfilled through  all of them.

Understanding our spiritual heritage is vitally important to renew our faithfulness to God. God is interested in nations, but he is also interested in individuals. God gave each of them the grace they needed to complete the purpose to which He called them.

God will always send people who will want to bless you and usher you into your purpose. You will not have to beg or persuade people to join or help you. The kingdom of God is not advanced through likes, public opinion polls or re-tweets. That influence is limited and will not sustain your purpose because the same people who like you today will “block” you tomorrow if you do or say anything that is contrary to what they want.


You and I matter to God. He is the one that saves us and calls us to a life that reflects His nature; we did not earn the space reserved for us. It was out of His own purpose and grace (2 Timothy  1:9).  God will use a community of people, if He needs to get you to your destination, to fulfill extraordinary things in your life to impact others.

God uses grace together with purpose.

All things worked together for Ruth and Naomi. God did not just start working on Ruth and Naomi when they got to the field that  day.  He  was well acquainted with them; He knew them from the womb and the tragedy that was going to be coming their way later in their lives. He knew their paths were going to be intertwined and be important for the ultimate plan He had for them. He had a special anointing for each of them that brought them to that divine encounter with Boaz in a field.

God custom-designs the grace and favor for each of us whether single, married or widowed; God uniquely designs our protection and provision.  Notice that Ruth was loyal, and hard-working and built up integrity. She did not ask one of the men in the field for money, or for a place to stay. She found a field where she could work; she did not belittle, curse or turn down the circumstance she found herself in. Instead, she used it as an opportunity.    At the  same


time, she was devoted to another who was in need – not focusing on her own needs and longings. Her reputation was consistent not just at work in the field but at home as well and that was important. These events were not happenstance. God is not a God of chance, but we must be willing to endure where He plants us, even when things do not turn out at all like we planned.

There are also those moments where we do not cover each  other  as  we should.                 Ham  exposed Noah’s nakedness    when Noah                        got        drunk   in    a           very uncharacteristic                       moment,       but    Shem      and   Japheth brought a garment to cover their father (Genesis 9:23). Shem honored his father and received blessings for generations and Ham dishonored his father and his family was cursed.  Are you the kind of person   that takes to gossiping on the phone or social media to expose a family member or church leader in their moment of weakness?  Another person’s weakness is an opportunity for you to show the kindness of Jesus through your actions.

We have a promise of God’s protection. His covering is assured, even if sometimes we may not see the healing right away, we are guaranteed that He will take us through. He promises that  He  will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5).


Pray for greater faith to believe that God covers those He loves. Jesus said that if we believe in Him,  that He will do greater things than we could ever  imagine. I can attest to His covering time and again.

Pray expecting God’s covering

God is our covering, our atonement.  The  blood Jesus shed is our covering that makes us “holy and without blemish” in God’s sight.  When we   repent and ask for forgiveness of our sins, God forgets them. He no longer holds them against us (Ephesians 1:4; 5:27).  He secured redemption by taking on the  sins of the whole world (1John 2:2). Instead of talking about people in judgment and shaming them; pray for them to be convicted, turn to God and ask for forgiveness and turn from their old ways.

When I think of the heart, the first image that comes to my mind is that of a red heart; you know the one you see on greeting cards on Valentine’s Day. There is also the image of the heart, the organ that serves a vital purpose for the body and this is important because how we perceive God’s gift of love to us is vital to how we develop a relationship with Him. It matters whether you see Him like an inanimate, decorative picture on a Valentine’s card or a beating vibrant organ that brings life. The difference is that one heart is alive and the other  heart is   attractive but dead.


God’s agape love towards us is like a healthy, beating heart that is full to overflowing and extends to everyone. It is alive, powerful, compassionate, and never changing; His agape love is His promise of Him first giving to us without demand. He loves, even  if we reject Him. His love is more to do with  denying self for the sake of another; it is unconditional.

The Christian’s purpose should represent that of a vibrant heart that is always looking to bring God’s love to others and by pointing them to Jesus. In essence, Christianity is very much a doing word. Our role is not passive or temporary; it is very active and on-going until we die and go to heaven.

The promises of God also reveal His covering will come when we abide in Him. We are to read , speak and then apply to our daily lives in order to bear fruit and reap blessings. has to be planted in our hearts though (Psalms 119:11). What does  that  mean? Well, of God is referred to as seed, and in order to see of God manifested in your life, you  must first plant it in your heart by faith. You have to believe the Word to be true; then conception takes place between the declaration of your faith coupled with the belief in your heart – just as God designed a natural seed to germinate and produce a harvest. The order cannot be violated; the process of the Word becoming manifest in your heart will take time, but you can  rest


assured that it will bear fruit as God ordained (Mark 4: 26-29).

I really do not think you can rush the promises of God manifesting in your heart. I do not think God has a short cut for falling in love with Him.  Everybody  has to read through the Bible , the whole book, Old and New Testament, because the New is a fulfillment of the Old, and cannot be left out. You cannot read the Word and give up on God by week three because you did not see anything manifest like you hoped for. There are different stages of growth; it takes time.

This is how the Word of God works and many people falter when He does not answer as soon as they want or how they perceive He should answer. Do not give up on God; build with Him instead.

I like to think of the promises of God this way. The promises are created by the one who initiates the terms and conditions, and are available to the recipient who chooses to accept the promises and the terms. So the promises will always be relevant, but will only be actionable if the recipient receives them and the creator remains faithful to the oath at any time in their lives. And that proof of faith can only be verified, if the recipient acts upon the promises.

It is not easy to be persistent but be encouraged to push through with pursuing God.  The past is  the past; do not go back to Egypt. Your purpose is in front


of you. What I will tell you is that you may tire of pursuing God, but, at the same time, if you are truly pressing into Him, you can ask Him for creative ways to stay connected to Him.  He knows exactly   what will work for you that will sustain you and develop deeper interest in Him. Quitting is not an option, because that leaves you separated from God and He cannot work on your behalf then. Your life  cannot bear Godly fruit if you are not seeking God. So get around the fellowship of other believers, so that you will have a healthy combination of encouragement from those persons in your life who can also call you higher in your spiritual walk (Hebrews 10:25). The promise of fellowship is a gift to believers – the Greek word for fellowship is Koinonia which means joint participation or communion.


Believers have a common connection in their belief of Jesus and their fellowship represents their salvation and their joining together to share the gospel and stir each other in the faith.  If you forsake the   assembly of fellowship you forfeit the benefits and responsibility that this precious principle and practice brings.  As part of the kingdom family we are called to comfort other believers as they grow in their faith and likewise be encouraged ourselves. In fellowship we receive peace and joy and we also receive edification, teaching, wise counsel, rebuke and  reprove.     Such


guidance is beneficial to maturing in the body of Christ.  The promise of fellowship has many layers to it – the communion that comes form assembling together in church is one aspect but there is also the communion with Jesus, the loving son of God, who paid a debt that we could never repay.

He asks for our love in return, our commitment and obedience to Him – to remember what He has done for us, to share it with others, to be grateful to be present with Him now through every circumstance. Communion (sharing the Christian belief of the resurrection with other believers) also allows us to renew our minds from sinful ways to restore our salvation. We do not lose fellowship with Christ but we can become far from it if we fall into temptation. The good news is that our fellowship can be restored through repentance and bearing fruit by truly turning from sinful behavior. Even though King David committed what would be deemed unpardonable sins He never lost His union or communion with God because the returned to God and repented of his sins. David prayed for the joy of his salvation to be restored and God was faithful to forgive Him.

Fellowship is found in your local church where the body of Christ is unified, and God is glorified.                     It is important to be part of a local church.                                               I always go to church expecting – I am not saying that I may have the same vigor every time but I go especially when I am


most vulnerable and tired because I can see God’s blessings all around me and be refreshed.                           God is always speaking and showing His mercy and goodness towards us no matter what the difficulty.                                                             If you go expecting you will receive something of value. That something is not necessarily a gift to you but a gift from you.

Church is less about what you need and more about what you can give.

You give your time when you go to church; you give your ear to the message; you give your praise during worship with a grateful heart; you pray with others; you give your stewardship and see the benefits of the spiritual blessings operate in the house of the Lord; you build relationship with other believers and encourage them in the faith. And you give yourself a reminder about the sovereignty of God, and the sanctity of the His temple and your temple is part of Him and that reinforces your significance, your inheritance and should bring you to a place of deep humility as you think about your Lord  and Savior. You build up a fullness of joy and a strong faith by staying connected to a church as you serve with other believers and practice the promise of fellowship.

When I look at the definition of a promise, it is a responsibility, an expected outcome that someone swore   to;   it   also   determines   character.        The


promises you stand on help to determine your purpose. Think about it from this perspective; when you faithfully abide by a scripture principle of blessing you can expect to receive a blessing because God cannot lie; He honors or fulfills His promises.

Secret promises by men have no power; open declaration of God’s Word brings life.

Organizations that are fraternal in nature seem  to have guiding principles that involve  belonging, aspiring to and upholding their own codes or promises. Much of the corporate world also practices  these types of rituals, traditions, behaviors; a  hierarchy exists that has a set of rules and rewards that particular individuals have to comply with in order to receive rewards, status, recognition and power.

Why does this matter? If you do not have your spiritual compass set to Jesus and His promises, you will compromise your values for those limited standards established by these organizations and groups and create a scar in your life where you should have birthed a blessing.

Every choice you make matters whether it is voting for an electoral candidate or applying to be part of a group or organization.  They are some people  who are swayed to join certain clubs or groups because they believe it is a great way to network and  advance


their careers. That is not  enough  due  diligence when it comes to constructing a life of spiritual maturity. You must  practice  discernment  and wisdom in this area so that you do not go down a path of spiritual compromise that will have repercussions that visit you in other areas of your life.

When you put too much weight in man-made systems, you discount the power and favor that come through the  principles  of the of God.                                           Notice  when you honor the systems of fraternity that do not line up with Christianity,  you  break  a  promise  to   God.                                  God qualifies and equips those He calls (Hebrews 13:21). He can usher you into board-room  meetings,  or before decision-makers who need your advice.     You will get to reflect on the goodness of God, and honor Him with praise and thanksgiving because you know that God put you there.                And He will keep you  there until  it  is  time  to   move. God  is  the  one   who advances, promotes, opens the doors, and brings the favor better than any organization.

It takes courage and love to keep God’s promises while fear and bondage keep people tied to the world’s ways and standards. We have a good, good heavenly Father who loves us because we are part of Him and He never breaks His promises to us.