You Can Know the Truth

10 Verifiable Proofs the Bible is God’s Truth

You Can Know the Truth: 10 Verifiable Proofs the Bible is God’s Truth: Bold New Christian Apologetic Book Draws Critical Acclaim from Believers and Skeptics.  

Destin, FL – From the days of Paul the Apostle, Christians have used apologetics to present a historical, reasoned, and evidential basis to defend Christianity against objections that seek only to dampen the truth of God’s Word and keep it from fully resonating in hearts and minds.  In 2016, ordained minister John Horton is breaking new ground among Christian apologetics, in a way never seen before.

Horton’s new book, ‘You Can Know the Truth: 10 Verifiable Proofs the Bible is God’s Truth’, is a massive undertaking that pores through thousands of years of history to present 100% fact-based, verifiable answers to the questions that keep skeptics away from God, and prevent Christians from growing closer to God in their faith.


“You Can Know the Truth” presents objectively verifiable answers to the concerns and questions of both skeptics and Christians in simple non-theological language with hundreds of concrete examples.

  • “Is the Bible really full of errors and contradictions?”
  • “Is the Bible even relevant to my life today?”
  • “Do all holy books and religions lead to the same God?”
  • “Is there proof for the Bible, beyond the Bible?”


Look beyond the world’s empty opinions and philosophies – to verifiable, fact-based proofs the Bible really is God’s inspired truth:

  • Biblical prophecy
  • Science
  • Archaeology
  • Literature
  • Claims of inspiration
  • Harmony
  • Life-changing power
  • Indestructibility
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Exponential and mathematical evidence


Author John Horton has exhaustively researched this comprehensive book, packing it with over fifty lists, hundreds of specific examples and quotes by experts from Biblical and secondary resources. You Can Know the Truth will strongly support your understanding, presentation, discussion, preaching and teaching of God’s truths. A thorough bibliography, summarized outline, cross-reference guide and even an appendix that examines the theory of evolution are included.

You are not doomed to accept the uncertainty, confusion and contradictions of post-modern relativism. You Can Know the Truth will help you quickly and confidently find the objective, unchanging, reliable truth and answers you seek.

“This is a book for the skeptic, new believer or passionate follower of Christ,” Horton says. “I fiercely challenge disbelief from any angle, including prophecy, science, archaeology, literary, claims of inspiration, harmony, life-changing power, indestructibility, the Holy Spirit, and exponential and mathematical proof – all in the same volume.  One goal is to definitively answer many of the questions about the whys of faith and the way in which our wonderful Lord works.   Its ultimate goal is for people to find confident security for a better life, driven and empowered by the world of God.”

With the objective of widely reaching both believers and non-believers, this book is written in a way that requires no familiarity with Scripture or theological doctrines.  To further this goal, the book includes quotes from a wide range of celebrated thinkers spanning Nobel Prize winners, scholars, politicians, doctors, physicists, poets and more. This really is a volume anyone can read, and I wholeheartedly believe it can only change their life for the better.”

Horton’s work has been received with critical acclaim. For example, attorney J. Mason Williams, Esquire, comments, “You Can Know the Truth is an incredibly detailed journey through prophecy, science, archaeology, literature and yes, even mathematics, demonstrating the truth of God’s Word. John Horton has obviously drawn on a lifetime of study, experience, and spiritual teaching to provide such an in-depth recitation of biblical events, scriptural references, prophecies, and their fulfillment. This book will provide an incredible resource for teachers and pastors, as well as for those who seek to immerse themselves in the breadth and majesty of God’s Word.”

Colonel (retired) Jimmie H Akridge, adds, “An excellent compendium of Scripture Prophecies and cross referenced Proofs of the Truthfulness of the Bible. Using citations of Scripture and referenced historical and current day events the author convincingly proves the truth of the Bible. – Superb study guide for students, ministers, and plain everyday people. Study of this work will improve your understanding of the bible scriptures, strengthen your faith and surely better your relationship with God the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

‘You Can Know the Truth: 10 Verifiable Proofs the Bible is God’s Truth’ is available now:

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