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About Pastor Chris Buscher

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So far Pastor Chris Buscher has created 2 blog entries.

The Unannounced Christmas Visitor

The Unannounced Christmas Visitor
Chapter One
“WHO’S THAT MAN?” LYDIA Jensen whispered softly to her husband.
“What man?” John Jensen replied, half-heartedly. His face was glued to his phone screen, thumbs ramming keys, firing
off text messages to whomever. He was too focused, as always, skimming through dozens of unread […]

Christmas Adult Coloring Book

Christmas Adult Coloring Book
With quotes and Bible verses to reflect upon
By: Zanthia Berkelmann 

40 Christmas coloring pages, printed on the right side only. Inspirational quotes and verses to reflect upon and warm your heart. Plus a Gratitude page where you can write down what you are grateful for, and Prayer page to write your Christmas prayer.

Once a […]

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