Adding Scriptures to Your Homeschooling Curriculum

There’s no better way to have your child grow in the light of Jesus. Homeschooling gives you an opportunity to take it to a different level. You can involve scripture reading as much as you want at your own requirement in the development of your child. This is certainly a great way to introduce Jesus to your child and making them disciples.

You have the freedom to teach your child more about the Bible than any other school would. They can focus on Christian living first and studies second. Some families believe that educating their child in the ways of Jesus is far more important than any grades or scholastic achievement. Most of the time, regular schools encourage competition.

Teaching your child about Jesus creates a solid moral foundation in them. God’s laws don’t change and would you rather have a child aiming to do God’s work or have a child work away aimlessly without any hope for an afterlife? As early as possible, we have to mold our children to be disciples. Make them understand what really matters. If we’re basing our success on worldly things, then there will never be contentment and happiness in our hearts.

Adding scriptures to your child’s homeschooling curriculum ensures that the child is learning morals and values from the Bible. It’s easier to trust God with your child rather that what the world will teach them on how to live their lives.

You can consistently include scriptures to your curriculum by journaling, visual interpretation, and storytelling. Relate the scriptures to practical situations. We can even connect these wonderful teachings with present, past, or future events where our children can use their imagination. Tapping on their dreams and desires revolving around God’s words will be good too. We can also take advantage of Biblical songs and movies as part of our regular lesson plan.

The world’s constantly changing, and so are its views and acceptance towards certain social issues. Disappointments and heartaches are inevitable. Aim to encourage your kids to lean on God for everything. Bring your child closer to Jesus with the use of the words and works He has left for us to study creates peace and hope in a child’s heart and mind.

Believing and following Jesus can certainly make any adult’s life easier when it comes to big decisions. Why not make this the same for your child. There’s no right or wrong age for a child to be introduced to the Scriptures since it’s filled with God’s messages of love and how to be with Him in the afterlife.

The word of God in some homeschooling curriculums are the foundation of their programs. Remember that you also need to learn the scriptures if you are adding it to your child’s homeschooling curriculum. This is a great time to learn God’s word as well. Always make sure that you put into practice the teachings and you aren’t treating it as an academic subject. The greatest gift that we could ever give our kids is to guide them into living a life with God.

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