Lay Me Down Ministries Inspirational History

LMDM is an UNCOMPROMISING Christian Ministry!

With What Began as a Humble ‘Step of Faith’ has Already Impacted the Multitudes

We Live in a World of Compromise.

Many of us unfortunately even belong to a congregation of compromise. In May of 2011, the Lord Jesus spoke to the heart of Pastor Chris Buscher to quite being part of the problem and begin to be part of the solution. Having decided to stop at nothing to build an uncompromising Christian Ministry he then wrote the following resolution that is still LMDM’s motto today:

What good is your life if it’s not bound by purpose? Purpose, or the reason for which something exists or is; done, made, or used, is the essence of our uncompromising Christian Ministry. We exist primarily to love God and through that love relationship, the ministry of reconciliation of Our God to His people begins. Our message is that of peace, love, and liberty through Jesus Christ. With the revelation of the love of Christ towards each of us individually we feel compelled to lay our lives down only to find that we have gained His in return for our old self.

Through Jesus the Christ, we gain our sole identity.

Through serving, we discover our purpose and abilities.

Through witnessing, we proclaim His death, resurrection, and His promises to generations to come.

Through personal experience, we continue to build each other’s Faith.

With just an idea planted deep within the hearts of a few, birthed what we know today as Lay Me Down Ministry. After much prayer and consideration, LMDM was incorporated as an uncompromising Christian ministry and a nonprofit 501c3 during May of 2011. We thank you for your interest, prayers, and support.

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